Monday, November 28, 2011

Vixen (Part of "Error" novel)

There is something attractive in the voice of a robot. I don't know what it is about the un-accented perfectly, dictionary correct pronunciation, that kind of excites me. Nevertheless, I have to admit I currently am cheating my husband with one. It's year 2167, so moral now dictates that robots are for servitude and labor only. I don't know why, but people think orgasms should only be provoked by another human being. I have read some stories, true or fiction, that girls in the early 2000's and even before that used what they called "Vibrators". I'd love to live in that era... where morality and ethics were not law enforced and publicly voted on. My sexuality on poll. My intimacy under the microscope. I am a criminal on the hiding. Hiding from the law enforcers, hiding from my husband, hiding from the ever critiquing neighbors... those nosy bastards of the genetically planned intercourse. Hiding from a perfectly engineered society is hard... and very easy at the same time. My husband, whom I married for legal and social purposes of course, is always working, and also evidently "Gay", as my historical books would say. Male preferent, I'd be legally obliged to say in these times. He made the wrong decision on his 22nd birthday, immature as he was (just like a whole lot more), sexually, emotionally and mentally. It is my belief that the more liberties you give a growing human, the less it will mature per year. Anyway, I'm deviating. My husband, Ruedolff, is inclined to his same gender. Why doesn't he change his preference status? A lot of paperwork and relocation is a bitch. The government can't afford several ex-girlfriends to find out their companion was not aroused by them, that would mean trauma and emotional scaring. Bull I say. In a psychologically probed social interactive world mental ease is priceless for work performance. Why did I marry him? Did I know? Hell yeah I knew. Everyone who meets him for more than half a minute (network analyzed by the second)knows it. I married him because he was accused of it in fact. By one of my competitors. Him marrying meant her in prison for social "badmouthing", a very kind remuneration for the community network damages it caused on his reputation, and reinforcing his status for no other ex-girlfriend to question. Of course he now has to stay that way until the end of his days or he would loose everything he had. Me? I get a better desk and better projects. I work for the creative emporium, a design corporation with presence in 20 cell-cities around the world (Every corporation has exclusive rights per city to avoid competition). I design hybrid mechanisms. Metal and plastic is my specialty. You already know what's in my private work room at home, I assume.

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