Sunday, April 19, 2009


The elders deliberated. Countless hours they talked about nothing but how to end the war. Vampires, werewolves, elves and dark elves argued in the great hall while their leaders tried to make up their minds.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The truce between vampires and werewolves was the biggest proof of all. They still hated each other and anyone could tell. The hall was full of loud barks and houls and fights were split by elves and darkelves to keep as less tencion as they could while they waited for the meeting to end.

At last, the elders opened the door.

"It is with great grief I say that the war is aught to be faught untill it is finished." Said the vampire elder. "We must make the invaders back down before they get even stronger. We must join forces."

"Unfortunatelly," said the elven elder. "we the elves are not in possition to rush to war at the moment, and so we will not take part in this battle."

A loud roar was heard all over the hall. Darkelves were raging and fisting against the elven kind, who were starting to exit the hall. After a while, the elven elder reached the hall door and exited, not without maddening the crowd before.

There was a long furious chat amongst the generals and leutenants in the hall. At last, the hall was quiet, and after a few last shouts of "cowards" and "theyll beg us for help"s, the  vampire elder could talk again.

"Dragons and Morphs are still growing stronger at the moment. Battlements of vampires and werewolfs have been sent to the front lines in the mountains with the darkelves. We will try to convince the other races to join forces with us, but for now we are alone."

"The truce between vampire and lycan race will be sustained untill the end of the war, for it is vital for us to stay allied to survive." said the werewolf elder.

Another riot started, but the elders were getting stressed.

"Silence!" shouted the vampire elder. "The very existence of our races is at stake. We will work together fot this only purpose... " he wanted to say something, but paused and looked at the lycan elder at his side.
"Close the doors!" said the other.

"There have been rumors of a dragon hole hiding eggs in a volcano at the far end of Pandrylaes. We will send a group of explorers to find and steal the eggs to tame the dragons for ourselves. It is very dangerous and very un likely to be fullfiled, but this task must be fullfiled. We need volunteers for this mission, and we need them now, for in the moment they say they will go, they must part."

A long deep silence invaded the hall, and everyone was looking at the one beside him. Untill...

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